Anatomy Study #1

anatomy study, pencil drawing

The first sketch was drawn from a photo, with as little distortion to the proportions as I could muster, and the second was constructed from what I guessed the muscles would look like based on the anatomy illustrations in Anatomy for the Artist, by Jeno Barcsay.

There are, without a doubt, some inaccuracies in the muscle construction (for one, the abdominal area was pretty rushed), but drawing this has forced me to pay attention to things I’d never even noticed before. So, all in all, I’d call this exercise a success. I’m looking forward to doing some more poses.

The final, skeletal, stage is still in the works.


3 thoughts on “Anatomy Study #1

  1. Blog looks great, man! I think having the focus streamlined a bit (keeping the focus on your artwork and what you’re currently delving into) is a good idea. Don’t force it, though – only post when actually motivated. The blog’s not going anywhere, and you’ll grow to hate it if you treat it like homework… 🙂

    HA – Head Guy forever! Totally remember him from the good ol’ days (perhaps a revival for the 21st century is in order…then again, maybe not). And man, those serious-as-shit comic book feuds between kids that age are more common than you might think. Wallihan and I had numerous fights that put our friendship on hiatus MULTIPLE times, and it was over this exact sort of stuff (he’s the CO-CREATOR of Dragon Universe all of a sudden??? Get the fuck outta here). A particular episode of Doug nailed this aspect of childhood when he was beefing with Skeeter over the comic they were writing together (Quailman and Silver Skeeter – remember it?).

    Loving those story cards, especially the first set – I wanna see the final flick, damn it (or at least get the context)!

    Good job so far with the anatomy studies, keep up the good work – this could take things to a whole new level…

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I really think since I’m not trying to write “articles” here, it’s going to be much easier to keep up with it.

    I COMPLETELY forgot about that Doug episode. That really nailed it. I remember your comic stuff from those days, too, haha. “Dragon Universe.” If I can find any of my reeaaally old stuff I might post ’em up here, too, just for fun.

    Glad you’re digging the story cards. As for context, well… that day may come. Though it won’t be in the form of a movie…

  3. Nicely done. I came across this after Googling Barcsay; (do you know how to pronounce his name, btw? I always stumble over that when I discuss him with others). I just assumed this was from a life-drawing session. If the rest of your work shows this much method and dedication, I predict big things for you. Keep it up!

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