A Cat is Stuck in a Tree

animatic, pencil drawing, school, storyboards

Since I haven’t been able to post anything for a while due to a lack of scanner access (my desktop computer is in a coma and the scanner is part of it), here’s a school project I made in the spring.

This animatic is an expanded version of the storyboards I drew for an internship test for Blue Sky Studios. The test prompt stated, simply, “A cat is stuck in a tree. Use the cat and one or more other characters (boy scout, bulldog, and old woman) to create scene in which the cat gets down safely from the tree.”

I didn’t get the internship, but this project taught me a hell of a lot.

EDIT: Click HERE to watch it on Vimeo. I don’t why it’s being cropped so strangely in the embedded video above.


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