One Sentence, One Page: Angry Aardvark

comics, pencil drawing, school

I sat in on a Sequential Art class last week with my friend, Kevin, and one of the assignments was to make a one page comic based on a single sentence given to them by a classmate. Since, tragically, I won’t be able to take that class this semester (or next, because it won’t be offered), I had Kevin give me a sentence and I tried to come up with a one page comic as quickly as possible.

“I rode an aardvark into town and for some reason, she got angry.”

I reeeaaallly want to do more of these. It’s like improv illustration. It’s hit-or-miss, for sure, but definitely a great exercise. Leave me a sentence – ANY sentence, random, boring, whatever – in the comments below, and I’ll see what I can do with it.


3 thoughts on “One Sentence, One Page: Angry Aardvark

  1. Thanks, guys. I wrote these down in my sketchbook last week. Along with some other submissions:

    “It rained, like it was personal.”

    “I’ve heard of self-promotion, but this is ridiculous.”

    “The knife wounded him, but the book killed him.”


    “Turn right to go left.”

    Once I can get some time with the scanner at work, I’ll post the results…

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