One Sentence, One Page: Self-Promotion

comics, pencil drawing

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Thanks to one of the scanners at work, I’m able to post two of my interpretations of the sentence:

“I’ve heard of self-promotion, but that’s ridiculous.” (Thanks, Carole!)

These aren’t as ridiculous as I was hoping they’d be. I could have pushed my imagination a bit harder, instead of just hurrying to the first and second ideas that popped into my head. I am noticing some slight improvements in my draftsmanship, though. The poses are coming to me more quickly, and I’m getting a little more confident with hand gestures.

Speaking of self-promotion…


2 thoughts on “One Sentence, One Page: Self-Promotion

  1. Thanks! I tried to think of the lamest rapper name that didn’t already exist. Jeremy recently suggested Lil’ Mang, which I think is pretty great.

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