Bouncy Ball #2 (test)

animation, digital drawing

This stuff is moving at the speed of thought, now. I was planning out keys and timing for the Lipsack animation, when I suddenly got this image of the bouncy ball frantically trying to escape that giant square. Shot from a low, extremely cartoony angle, it would look really cool, with the buildings rolling into the background at an extreeeme perspective.

I stopped what I was doing and started drawing it out in Flash and voila! It actually worked. The effect was pulled off, immediately. I guess all that Animator’s Survival Kit study time is really starting to show some results.

So not only will this be an exercise in squash & stretch, speed, and weight expression, but I’ll also be able to play with some dynamic camera angles. The finished product will be up soon…


2 thoughts on “Bouncy Ball #2 (test)

  1. So cool that you have the means/skill to spontaneously whip up these bits of animation and bring ’em to life (it’s like writing down a sudden idea or line of dialogue you don’t wanna forget, but much cooler). Finished project should be sweet!

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