Visionfest 2010 Recap (part I)

animation, inspiration, school

Last Friday and Saturday, IUPUI’s School of Informatics held its third(?) biennial Visionfest Student Animation Festival. There were professional speakers, alumni presentations, and a whole slew of student shorts. Unfortunately, only one of the shorts was from our school – and it wasn’t even from New Media (where I’m getting my degree). The student was the very talented Marcelo Meijome, from Purdue’s Computer Graphics program. Congratulations to Marcelo, but I have to say I’m extremely disappointed in my fellow New Media students. Come on, guys! Of course, I include myself in this critique.

But there’s always the next one! Two years away…

Anyway, it was an extremely inspiring event. Here are some favorites from the 2D animation category:

^This one is so up my alley. There’s a definite nod to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre in there amid all of that perfectly paced, beautifully crafted Hansel & Gretel-ness. I’m also in love with that charcoal look. Click here for some more info about the short and its 23 year old CalArts creator, David Ochs.

^Definitely inspired by the John K Spumco style, huh? Probably could stand to be trimmed down a bit, but I think it’s hilarious.

^Great anime-inspired work. Also, gotta love that little kid’s laugh.

^I just keep watching this one. Such fluid animation and the rough pixelated look really works in its favor. And that SOUND DESIGN! To top it all off, this was done by a 19 year old. *smacks forehead* COME ON, Josh! Get in there!

^Okay, actually this one might be the funniest.

^And this was the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in a while. Quite a blast to watch with an audience. This guy could get work at Adult Swim, no doubt.


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