Visionfest Recap (part II)

animation, inspiration, school

[continued from Visionfest 2010 Recap (part I)]

The animated shorts were inspiring enough on their own, not only because of the quality of the work, but also because we got to see exactly the kind of competition we’ll be facing in the near future. However, the one thing even more invigorating than that was the two-hour “master class” led by veteran animator Mark Pudleiner. He’s worked for Don Bluth, Disney, and Dreamworks, among others, and we were extremely fortunate to have him at the festival (special thanks to IUPUI’s animation guru/my drawing professor, John Brian Ludwick, for that).

On Friday, he gave the keynote speech which was pretty great. It was mostly motivational and he offered some great insight into his own experience getting into the business. On Saturday, for the master class, he gave us, essentially, a crash course in the core principles and techniques he has used for a number of storyboarding and animation gigs. Believe me, he dropped some real gems.

I’ll let my animation partner/rival, Kevin Johnson, fill you in on the rest of the Visionfest goodness here. Kevin had a hell of a time at the fest, too, though for slightly different reasons than me.

Let’s just say I really wish I’d volunteered…


2 thoughts on “Visionfest Recap (part II)

  1. Not only will I be helping out next time, I’ll have at least one short featured in the festival, too… 😉

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