If looks could kill…

comics, pencil drawing


2 thoughts on “If looks could kill…

  1. If this is supposed to be a killer look, then FAIL, sorry to say. His expression in his eyes is somewhat complacent and passive. I don’t sense aggression or tension in his look. He looks like he could simply be sweating due to the climate more than because of an emotional state. Just sayin.

    I would tighten up his eyelids a little more, and bring the front of his brow a little lowers. And maybe some other small tweaks but mainly those two.

    Nice face though. 🙂

  2. Thanks, man, but context is definitely necessary here.

    He’s not supposed to be looking outwardly angry or furious. This panel is highlighting the brief moment that he lets his true feelings show, just a little (when he knows the character across from him isn’t looking). His entire demeanor up to this shot has been all fake smiles, like a car salesman.

    Then we see this.

    But the thing is, the reader isn’t supposed to immediately recognize it as threatening. At this point in the story, they don’t know his true motives, but the fact that this look is given so much space on the page should suggest that maybe it means something more.

    By the end of the comic, however, anyone who goes back and looks at this panel should see it differently. They may realize that it’s a look of satisfaction coming from a man who’s getting some ideas about how he can take down his opponent (and he’s sweating because his opponent is a pretty dangerous man, as well).

    If anything needs to be changed though, I’m realizing now that his eyebrow is WAY too long and that his eyelid should be a hair lower.

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