One Sentence, One Page: Clark Kent

comics, ink work, pencil drawing

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Today’s sentence was submitted by Jeff Smith. He came up with his own version of a classic Ron Burgundy-ism:

“Clark Kent forgot to pay his cable bill.”

I consider lot of these One Page exercises to be rough drafts for illustration ideas later on. That way if they turn out crappy, I can just say, “Well, it’s only a rough draft.”

But if I do ever get the urge to do ’em up right, I’ll do like the pros and draw on something big and then shrink them down. With this one, in particular, there were way too many small details being drawn in a tight space – and it shows.

It felt a bit like the old days, back before we knew there was any other way to do it.


3 thoughts on “One Sentence, One Page: Clark Kent

  1. I didn’t notice because I just zoomed in on my browser and read it. It works online in large format but would probably suffer if viewed in print size.

  2. Hahah, nice! The first thing that popped into my head with that sentence was him pulling some sort of “reverse the Earth’s rotation” stunt from the first Superman movie so he wouldn’t be late with the bill. This works just as well, though – great job. Kinda curious as to why their date’s going so sour…

  3. YES. Watching Superman reverse the Earth’s rotation just so he can go back and pay his cable bill would be pretty damn great. Consider it noted.

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