Straw Dogs poster

digital drawing, poster designs

One of my all time favorite films.

Months ago, I constructed the house/Dustin Hoffman in Adobe Illustrator. I started with this image from the movie:

I cropped him out and then stretched him a bit, vertically:

This was before I had my Wacom tablet, so using images as tracing reference (or using my own scanned drawings) was the only way I could make something from “scratch” on the computer.

The wrinkles were too distracting, and the hands made it look like a zombie movie, so…

… I nixed some wrinkles and added the windows and door, but it was still looking really “off.”

So I nixed the windows and door, slimmed it down and started mixing my little visual metaphors by adding the crack down the front. Then I walked away from the project for a while (several months), until just recently when I took the Illustrator image into Photoshop and started adding textures and other details with my fancy schmancy Wacom tablet:

Precious, precious tablet… oh, how you’ve changed the way I work, forever…


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