The Thing poster (in progress)

digital coloring, digital drawing, poster designs

Another one of my all time favorite movies. I started this a little before finals last month and tinkered with it a little bit over winter break. No deadline. Just for fun. I wanted to try my hand at painting with the tablet.

Unfortunately, I can’t say it’s completed. The head needs touched up around the edges so it doesn’t look so “cut out,” some details need to be added, and I can’t decide what to do with the background. I’ve tried simulating the metal table texture behind his head, covering it with green slime, etc., but I wasn’t happy with any of that. For now I’ll just post it here for feedback and get crackin’ on the onslaught of school projects that have already started to pile up.

All of this was hand drawn (using my trusty tablet). Here’s what I used for reference:

And here’s the process:

Changed up the lettering. Now, just gotta figure out the background!


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