Snapshot: Painters and Photography

drawn from photo, inspiration

I went to this really great art exhibit at the IMA today called Snapshot: Painters and Photography. I’ll let this short video explain what it’s all about.

The whole thing was excellent. I saw a lot of really striking, gorgeous black and white photos, as well as some great painting in a handful of very distinct styles from each artist. I felt like I was absorbing lessons in composition with each image. It was also interesting to see how the painters seemed to use the black and white photographs as monochrome value studies for their color paintings. The same way we digital artists have the luxury of using Photoshop to adjust a reference image any way we like, in order to help us recognize certain compositional elements or to make differences in value stand out. Just another example of artists using the technology of their day to help them make better art. So cool.

I did some scribbles of some of the pieces:


3 thoughts on “Snapshot: Painters and Photography

  1. I went to this exhibit, too. You’re right, there were a lot of striking photographs and beautiful paintings, as well. It was fascinating to learn a bit of each photographer’s back story as to what inspired them. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Time to get out my camera…

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