Return of Aetheria


I’m prepping to do a 10-12 page comic that tells the back story of IUPUI’s Return of Aetheria project. So I’ve been drawing the four main characters to get to know them better. This is the culmination of my first pass. They’re missing a few clothing accessories and weapons that are crucial to their back stories, but I’ll tackle those in my second pass.


This the air elemental character, Irisi, created by Alyse McMiller.


This is the water elemental character, Nereida, created by Kathryn Thacker.


This is the fire elemental character, Ah K’in, created by Bekah Crowmer.


And this is the earth elemental character, Sun Wujie, created by Steph Hii.

This is will be the first comic I’ve done drawing characters designed by other artists. Pretty exciting stuff! Can’t wait to share more.

Oh and I also created the logo for this project earlier in the semester:

Return of Aetheria Logo

Logo Design

As well as these avatar designs:

Game Avatars

Game Avatars


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