Geek Zodiac: Infinity Core



After months of planning, drawing, designing, replanning, redrawing, redesigning, James and I are about to have our first comic IN PRINT.

This is the culmination of a two year long journey, in which James and I have been exploring every avenue of the Geek Zodiac we could think of. Being the huge comic geeks we are, most of our energy has been put into making the comic, which back when we were a lowly Comicpress blog, was called The Continuum.  If you didn’t get to see any of that when we first showed it online, you can check it out by clicking here, but be warned: it’s not canon anymore.

Infinity Core follows two intrepid astrophysicists who are thrust into an intergalactic struggle and must find their way through various periods in Earth’s history to gather heroes for a mind-blowing showdown.


The story developments have also caused some adjustments to the original Geek Zodiac chart. The color scheme now reflects each sign’s connection to one of the Four Facets (Fighter, Rogue, Stranger, Scholar) which are connected to the Four Elements.


Fighters [Earth]: Samurai, Superhero, Slayer

Rogues [Fire]: Treasure Hunter, Pirate, Spy, Ninja

Strangers [Air]: Robot, Alien, Undead, Daikaiju

Scholars [Water]: Wizard, Time Traveler, Astronaut


That whole concept has a crucial role in the comic series.

On top of all that, get this – very soon we’ll be relaunching the website with a weekly horoscope service people can actually subscribe to. It’s surreal to say the least.

And really, believe it or not, it’s still only the beginning…

Keep up with us, now:


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