Infinity Core #1 Preview


Here are the first three pages of our first issue of the Geek Zodiac comic, Infinity Core!

If you’re near Los Angeles on May 4th, Free Comic Book Day, James and I will be at the Galaxy of Comics in Van Nuys from 9am to 12 noon, then at Geoffrey’s Comics in Gardena from 2 to 5pm! Come by and say hi and grab a free copy of our first issue!


That’s me on left, James on the right, checking out a test print of the comic back in February at Maxine’s Chicken & Waffles in my home town of Indianapolis. I’d say Maxine’s stacks up pretty damn well to LA’s famous Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles. James thought Maxine and Roscoe may be related. Maybe they were lovers, even. And Maxine fled to the Midwest to open her own damn Chicken & Waffles joint, out of spite. Take that, Roscoe. Maxine is her own woman nowokay I’ve taken this too far.

Also, I have a Twitter account now, because I’m being told it’s something I should be more proactive about. As an artist trying to reach an audience, I suppose it helps. Though I miss the days when artists made things and people liked those things and supported those things regardless of whether or not that artist babbled at them constantly in public. But then I see people like Edgar Wright and Matt Fraction being rather awesome at the social networking thing and I think, hey this stuff can actually be pretty great.

Follow me @JoshEck11 for some hopefully worthwhile babble.


One thought on “Infinity Core #1 Preview

  1. You two must have been on different pages of the book.

    I’m happy for you both! Exciting stuff is in the works! one down…

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