GZ: Infinity Core – The Four Facets


Here’s the 7-page prologue to the Geek Zodiac comic series, Infinity Core.

This tells the events that led to the wizard’s imprisonment in issue 1. It also shows the entire cast of characters that will be revealed in the series. Each of them corresponds to a sign on the Geek Zodiac. For example, on page 3, we feature the three Fighters (Superhero, Slayer, and Samurai) and so on.

This is one of my all time favorite comic scripts James has written. Airtight structure, elegant-wording and great prompts for each of the characters’ reveals. I have pinups in progress from each of those character panels from pages 3-6. Can’t wait to finish them.

For now, however, here’s a little peek behind-the-scenes:




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P.S. You’ll notice that the first stage of each page, the “pencils” stage, is extremely rough in most cases. This is because inking digitally is more like penciling because you can erase/delete/correct any part you want at any time. It can really spoil you. If you want to learn how to ink well, definitely don’t start digitally. My digital inking skills translate to decent penciling skills, but I’m a pretty atrocious inker with real life ink. 



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