Mount Heisenberg


To commemorate the end of Breaking Bad, I’ve put together a sort of memorial to Walter White’s journey and transformation.

This show really was a treasure that people will be appreciating for years to come. I’ve been on the ride since around the time season 2 ended and it has consistently been the… (here comes the hyperbole) the source of the best storytelling I’ve had the good fortune to witness. In every conceivable way. Plotting, dialogue, acting, cinematography, characterization, music, editing… it’s really quite sickening how good it is. And it ended so so sweetly. Ach!

*sheds a tear*

Enough gushing. Take a look at how I chose to profess my love of this drama:


Titled Mount Heisenberg, this functions as a timeline for all seasons of the show and there are a few details that can only be seen if it’s fully enlarged.

Though the show technically ran for five seasons, they were broken into six, and to me, having suffered through most of those painfully long gaps, I felt it appropriate to separate Walt into the six versions of his character we see portrayed.

1. The Family Man

2. The Cook

3. The Gangster

4. The Usurper

5. The King

6. The Ghost

I’ve made some prints available at my Society 6 store, if you’d like to decorate your wall with some Walt. Here are some close ups:


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