Illustrator and multimedia specialist based in Indianapolis, IN.

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http://jerketc.tumblr.com (creator)

http://sonofbigfootcomic.com (creator)

http://ninemonthstokill.com (creator)

http://nutmegcomic.com (colorist for issues #5 – present)

http://geekzodiac.com (co-creator)

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All original artwork © Josh Eckert.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Josh, hope you’re well.

    I am writing to ask if it would be possible to feature your work in a little A5 book we are producing. We would love to feature your work, and as with the site, along side your work there will be your full contact details or 
    website so people can find out more about you. The book we are looking to produce is a simple A5 60 page book that we will sell through our site.

    All proceeds from the sale of any books will cover the cost of the printing and the development of the AMP site. This is very much a little art book that starts to show all the amazing work we have so far in paper format, with the emphasis on the work and promoting you as the artist, and as a contributor we will obviously send you a complimentary copy of the book once it’s produced.

    Please let me know if you’d be happy to feature, as you would go a long way to making it a great little paper back.

    Many thanks

    Simon Hawes
    07803 713 466
    AMP – home of the alternative movie poster


  2. Hi Josh,

    You and I have the same name, and thus we need to maintain some form of disambiguation to distinguish ourselves. I met James Gurney the other day and when he googled my name he thought I was you. You’ve encountered the same problem when people have googled “Joshua Eckert” and gotten my blog. One option is a gravatar photograph, and another option is a short block of text in the sidebar. You’ll see that I used the following in the sidebar of my blog at eckertbrandremarkable.wordpress.com.

    This is the blog of JOSHUA ALAN ECKERT from Pennsylvania (jeckert55@gmail.com).

    For the Indianapolis graphic designer/ illustrator Josh G. Eckert, please visit josheck.wordpress.com.”

    We can further discuss this over email. I’m jeckert55@gmail.com

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