Mount Heisenberg


To commemorate the end of Breaking Bad, I’ve put together a sort of memorial to Walter White’s journey and transformation.

This show really was a treasure that people will be appreciating for years to come. I’ve been on the ride since around the time season 2 ended and it has consistently been the… (here comes the hyperbole) the source of the best storytelling I’ve had the good fortune to witness. In every conceivable way. Plotting, dialogue, acting, cinematography, characterization, music, editing… it’s really quite sickening how good it is. And it ended so so sweetly. Ach!

*sheds a tear*

Enough gushing. Take a look at how I chose to profess my love of this drama:


Titled Mount Heisenberg, this functions as a timeline for all seasons of the show and there are a few details that can only be seen if it’s fully enlarged.

Though the show technically ran for five seasons, they were broken into six, and to me, having suffered through most of those painfully long gaps, I felt it appropriate to separate Walt into the six versions of his character we see portrayed.

1. The Family Man

2. The Cook

3. The Gangster

4. The Usurper

5. The King

6. The Ghost

I’ve made some prints available at my Society 6 store, if you’d like to decorate your wall with some Walt. Here are some close ups:


Website Face Lift!


So you may have noticed that this site has undergone some major changes. I found a WordPress theme much better suited to my online portfolio needs and there were only a few custom CSS edits needed.

Feel free to take a look around. There’s some new work up, particularly in the comics section. All of my Return of Aetheria pages are available to see. You can click any of the tabs at the top of the page, or you can click the links below:






GZ: Infinity Core – The Four Facets


Here’s the 7-page prologue to the Geek Zodiac comic series, Infinity Core.

This tells the events that led to the wizard’s imprisonment in issue 1. It also shows the entire cast of characters that will be revealed in the series. Each of them corresponds to a sign on the Geek Zodiac. For example, on page 3, we feature the three Fighters (Superhero, Slayer, and Samurai) and so on.

This is one of my all time favorite comic scripts James has written. Airtight structure, elegant-wording and great prompts for each of the characters’ reveals. I have pinups in progress from each of those character panels from pages 3-6. Can’t wait to finish them.

For now, however, here’s a little peek behind-the-scenes:




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P.S. You’ll notice that the first stage of each page, the “pencils” stage, is extremely rough in most cases. This is because inking digitally is more like penciling because you can erase/delete/correct any part you want at any time. It can really spoil you. If you want to learn how to ink well, definitely don’t start digitally. My digital inking skills translate to decent penciling skills, but I’m a pretty atrocious inker with real life ink. 


Alternative Movie Posters: Film Art from the Underground

movie posters


Earlier this year I was contacted by Matthew Chojnacki, author/curator of the book Put the Needle on the Record,  to be included in his upcoming poster collection, Alternative Movie Posters: Film Art from the Underground. My Straw Dogs poster will be featured inside, along with 200 posters from 100 designers around the world.

Straw Dogs alternative poster design – Prints available at Society6!

I’m a huge geek for alternative movie poster design so I’m honored to be included. I can’t wait to see it in print!

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Twitter = @altfilmart

Art Prints Available Now!

online store

My art store on Society 6 is now open!

Right now I’ve only got five pieces up for sale, but I’ll be updating it with some more work, old and new. Check it out here!

There’s a promotion going on now thru tomorrow, May 12th, offering free shipping on all orders worldwide.

The Tale of a Rocker and a Disco Girl

family stuff


Last Wednesday, April 17th, was my parents’ wedding anniversary and this is my gift to them. The idea to make this has been nagging at me for at least a year and I just haven’t been able to put it together until last week. Most of these were drawn from memories of old photos but for some of them I had to dig up some pictures for reference – especially for that wedding dress. However, I cannot confirm that my Mom ever wore a Donna Summers-esque disco costume, but it felt pretty accurate.

To my loving and supportive parents, David and Mirvia, here’s to 31 years and many many more to come!